About Our Pack

Three Dogs, Two Sisters, One Goal




Kelly is the youngest of the two sisters with a passion for dogs and equality. Her heart and her drive are an integral parts of Puptivism, and is the inspriation behind the business.


Queen of Snoozles


At the age of 13 Fly has more than earned the right to her title. Fly came into our lives 10 years ago when she was rescued from being used as a breeding dog. Now she lives out her days snuggling on the couch, getting lots of loving, and of course snoozling.


Resident Treat Gobbler


Sky is the newest member of our pack. She's a 2 year old Aussie mix that was adopted from a local prison program where she was trained by one of the inmates - we call it puppies saving prisoners and prisoners saving puppies. While she may seem like a shark while trying to grab treats, she's the ultimate lover who really just wants to give you all the kisses.




As the older sister, Jessica definitely got the brains in the family. She's our creative designer and develops all of the imagery used for our collars by hand. Jessica has always been an advocate for equality and an inspiration to those around her.


Ultimate Squirrel Chaser


Rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri (which has since been shut down) Duke is the smallest and oldest member of our pack. He wiggled his butt into our hearts nearly 14 years ago and we couldn't be happier! While Duke loves chasing squirrels he's never been one to like toys... unless he was able to steal it from cousin Sky.


Professional Models

Progress & Change

Sometimes getting photos of real life dogs can be a challenge (dog parents, am I right?) So we've introduced Progress and Change to the pack - giving you the best view possible of our collars!