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Puptivism: Puppers with a Purpose

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

We all know how the first company blog goes, lots of advertising, tugging at heartstrings, and the proverbial cheesy story. At Puptivism we're not your average breed; we're doing things a little bit differently, so leash up and get ready for a cool story with way too many dog puns (please fur-give us).

Our story begins in 2020 (arguably the worst year any of us have ever experienced). The world was (and still is) full of pain, sorrow, loneliness and tensions. Around the globe there was death from the COVID-19 pandemic and acts of widespread and blatant racism. To sum it up in one word 2020 DROOLED.

But while 2020 smelled worse than a pile of dog poo, it also gave a voice to the best of us: a pack of individuals who were barking for real and meaningful change.

There wasn't one howling moment that led to the creation of Puptivism, more like a lot of little kibble trails that led to the creation of this company that helps fill us up.

So let's go for a walk through through just a few of the moments that inspired us to fetch after our dream... but because we're not your average breed we're going to tell it through the eyes of our founders dog, Sky:

The Start of Puptivism - Sky's Doggo-festo:

At the start of this thing that my mom kept calling "the pandemic" I noticed that she was lookin' ruff. I decided the best way to keep her paw-sitive was to beg her for lots of belly scratches, play fetch, snuggle, and most importantly go for walks, lots and lots of walks. I didn't get why she was so melan-collie, having her home all the time was the pawsome! These walks were super important because more two leggeds than ever were out walking and giving me lots of ear scratches - the leg thumpin' kind - they told me how my pretty (but plain) purple collar really popped against my shiny coat. I was the ultimate conversation starter, the Jake Gyllenpaw of the neighborhood.

A few dog years (aka months) into the pandemic, mom and paw were home 24/7; it really was the shih tzu. We were settling into our 'new normal' when something happened... Mom left the doghouse for the first time in months. She had a sign that said "Black Lives Matter" and told me that she'd be back soon, but that some things were bigger than the pandemic and fighting racism was one of those things. It still doesn't make sense to me why people would be judged by the color of their skin, I love getting belly rubs from all people, but I guess the two leggeds have a long way to go to love unconditionally.

When mom got home that night, she told me that she wished I had been there, she said it was the perfect op-paw-tunity for her little "puptivist".

After that, mom started shopping for a new collar for me, but it turned out to be quite the chase. She couldn't seem to find a collar that not only represented a cause but also gave back, financially supporting the cause. The thought of a new collar started to feel like a mal-tease.

But then there were FIVE new collars for me to try on (you can't even count that high on one paw) - they supported all kinds of causes, and I knew this was the beginning of Puptivism. She told me that now I was a "Pupper with a Purpose". When she said that it was like she was holding the corg-key to my heart.


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